Yes - all customers are required to have a reseller license or tax/EIN number to shop wholesale.


On our website you may purchase 1 dozen or more of any item as long as your order minimum meets $100.

Purchasing 5 dozens or more per item will get you a nice discount, but it is not required.

We strive to keep all stock updated on the website. However, we also accept orders through offline sales and in our showroom which may lead to items being sold out in our warehouse, but shows as available on our website. We remove out of stock items from our website as soon as the information is available. 

Yes, automatically to the original form of payment.

No - we do not restock sold out items due to changing fashion trends. 

We aim to upload new items on our site every week. Visit us often!

All items are laboratory tested and are lead, nickel, and cadmium free.

We do not have a catalog - we operate using item pictures as you see on our website.

Drop-shipping is unavailable at this time.


1239 Broadway, Ste 400, New York, NY 10001

Our showroom is open from 9:30AM to 5:30PM, Monday through Friday. We are closed on weekends and all major holidays.

$500 - must purchase 5 dozens or more per style.

Our showroom minimum is higher because our in-person sales representatives only accept volume wholesale orders.

No - our showroom only displays samples for customers to see in person. All orders will ship from our NJ warehouse. We can arrange pick-ups from our warehouse as well.


Yes - we are accepting custom orders. The order minimum is 200 dozens per style (2400 pces). There are additional charges for ticketing & carding.

A 50% deposit is required to start production, and the remaining 50% is required before final shipment. We will not ship without receiving 100% payment.

Please contact us if you have serious interest.

If you are looking to purchase master cartons, pallets, or more than 10 dozens per style, please contact us and a sales representative will handle your order.

We have $3 dozen closeout items that are available for purchase with a sales representative. The order minimum is $1500 and you must purchase 10 dozens per style. Please contact us if you have serious interest.


Volume discounts are by collection/type of accessory. Different collections/types of accessories cannot be mixed to receive a discount.

If you order at least 5 dozens or more per style, you will receive a discount on each dozen. For example, you can purchase 5 dozens of any stainless steel ring style (can choose 5 different ring styles, does not have to be the same style) and you will pay $9.00 per dozen instead of $12.00 per dozen.

For mix and match, as long as the items are in the same collection or are the same type of accessory, you can choose multiple styles to get a discount.

To view the full list of discounts click here.

No - volume discounts are only available on the website.