Privacy Policy


An account must be created to view Atlas Fashion items. All accounts will be viewed and verified by our administrators. All accounts are subject to termination for any reason our administrators deem appropriate. A notification will be sent for the reason of termination of an account.

Customer’s Information

Our administrators will use the information provided by the customers to contact customers. Contact will be made by but is not limited to phone, fax, email or letter. Reasons for contacting the customers can be but are not limited to, promotional deals, order information, customer information, shipping address, credit card information, and newsletters. Any personal information that you provide to us including your name, address, telephone number and email address will be treated confidentially and will not be released, sold or rented to any entities or individuals outside of Atlas Fashion.

Order Information

All order information is stored inside our system. Customers can see their orders by logging into their account. Statuses of orders are constantly being updated as the orders are being processed.

Cookies / Web Session

Internet cookies are text files that are stored inside the user’s web browsing software. This is used so that the server remembers the specified user’s preference and status. This method is no longer used by online shopping malls. We are constantly upgrading the system to match current technologies. [Our site does not use cookies, however there is a technology called "Session". The server of our site identifies each computer with different numbers to remember the settings of the particular user. There is no text, or other files stored into the user’s computer or web browser by Atlas Fashion.]

Supplemental Information

All information collected from customers is used for marketing purposes to further Atlas Fashion's development. Information gathered is utilized to make plans for which demographics, age groups, regional places and etc, of items uploaded and promotions made.


The, has links to other websites. Mostly these links are to the partners Furthermore, these links are used but not limited to process payments, package tracking, or to give further information, its partners and security functions.


Email is one of the primary methods of communication of Atlas Fashion to its customers. The email addresses that the user registers on their account is the email that will be used to contact the user. The reasons for our administrators in sending out emails is for order status updates, order problems, promotional deals, and newsletters.

Information Requested

All information requested by Atlas Fashion will be for but not limited to customer orders, shipment, contact, and data collection for marketing. All information is kept private so only our administrators will have access.